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    This is a really great program full of amazing people. I participated in the Summer 2016 class and met so many talented people who helped improve my skills as a product designer in everything from wireframes to branding.

    Over 12 weeks, in addition to studio time and workshops with design leaders, we worked with startups as in house designers which ultimately led to full time, well paying design jobs for many of us.

    It's not too good to be true, and I'd be happy to talk to anyone about my experience with Whitespace.

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      Was the stipend enough to live off? (at least, in 2016 Bay Area)

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  • Ash AdamsonAsh Adamson, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

    Was design fellow Fall 2015. It was great getting to dive deeper in areas I wanted to improve as a product designer and enter a constant learning environment where everyone let go of their egos to level up. The founders are always there to support you and very passionate about what they do. Also, fellows are instantly tapped into a design family that lasts beyond the three months. Short term and long term works out great.

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