Ask DN: Any side project ideas for my first RoR app?

over 6 years ago from , UI Designer

Hey guys,

I've got some free time these days thanks to unemployment so I've been trying to learn Rails. Now I need some ideas on what to build for my first RoR app. I had few ideas but mostly they are pretty big and complex to tackle for a newbie like me.

So, I ask you DN'ers, is there anything that you guys would like to see built? Something that can be built by someone who's new to RoR but still genuinely useful? I know that is probably hard to come up with but I'm all ears.

P.S. - Or if you guys need help with any design work, let me know. I'll help out for free. Still trying to build a solid portfolio as a junior designer.


  • Ketan Anjaria, over 6 years ago

    Hi Bardan, I might have a project that you could help on, ping me at fire@kidbombay.com

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  • Elliot NashElliot Nash, over 6 years ago

    How about, an idea management app? When my friend was just getting into rails I suggested the same thing to him and he produced this: http://bubblerr.com (could take a minute to spin up on heroku). I still think its an idea worth doing right, but not something I have the time for.

    To be more clear, I have a lot of ideas, but it'd be nice if I had a way to logically prioritize which to build next.

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    • , over 6 years ago

      Thanks for the suggestion! Wouldn't a task management app like Wunderlist work for managing ideas as well? What would be the differentiator?

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      • Elliot NashElliot Nash, over 6 years ago

        I'd be more interested in a system where I can add pros / cons to an idea, and have the app let me know what I should work on next.. rather than a list I have to struggle between

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