• Sacha GreifSacha Greif, over 3 years ago

    In the video you mention that you can just drop in a JavaScript snippet to secure your content, but how does that work? Wouldn't anybody be able to access said content just by disabling JavaScript in their browser?

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  • Drew Wilson, over 3 years ago (edited over 3 years ago )

    Hey everyone! We're super excited announce our latest product here at Plasso: Billing

    Billing is an entire customer management, billing, storage and authentication system ready to be embedded into your website. You get a powerful and hassle-free recurring billing and customer management system with a few clicks, and without writing any code at all.

    Instantly create a paywall on your own website with your own content.

    Have a website? Have something you wanna charge people for? Plasso Billing gives YOU (anyone) the ability to do that in a few clicks. We handle all the signups, logging in, pricing plans, user account management, EVERYTHING! You get to just focus on your product/content.

    Read all about it on our blog: https://blog.plasso.com/introducing-billing

    Try it out right now! https://plasso.com/signup

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    • Mason LawlorMason Lawlor, over 3 years ago

      Hey Drew,

      I recently left Stripe for Freshbooks(WePay) because of chargeback policies. Stripe will almost always side with the customer, and WePay will protect the seller. Nobody likes the fact that a customer can get frustrated/angry and easily get potentially months/years worth of product service refunded.

      What's your guys' policy on chargebacks?

      P.S. I like your guys' pricing model!

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      • Rob Hunter, over 3 years ago

        Looks like they use Stripe per their Terms, so I'd assume chargebacks would be the same as using Stripe directly.

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  • Mike Torosian, over 3 years ago

    Very cool design. I like how the content boxes shift up into their places. How'd you tackle that?

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