Update me on my front end workflow

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My workflow sucks.

Coming here I see people using NPM, Git, SASS, countless JS libs and other technologies used to improve the front end work flow.

Needless to say I am out of date and desperately want to catch up. I feel confident in front end design however when it comes to translating it to a working mockup I sill do everything manually in regards to my development environment. This approach has worked for me until now when I feel it has become sluggish and dated.

Please recommend some good tutorials (preferably audio-visual) I can use to help improve my work flow and development. Also I need to improve my JS as I have only been working with jQuery so far and only have a basic understanding of how it works.


  • Christoph OChristoph O, almost 4 years ago

    Make sure you actually need all those new shiny tools. Many of these things are industry-grade tools for big companies like Facebook, Pinterest, etc that have tons of developers and highly complex services. Most websites and smaller teams don't need all of this and you can happily live with something technically simpler. No need for a professional kitchen when all you're making is a sandwich.

    CodeKit has made my life much easier working with things like SASS, Jade, JS, etc. They have a great video section with lots of tutorials.

    I'd just start with one thing at a time. Maybe just build a static page in Jade and SASS and use a build tool of your choice (or CodeKit) and become comfortable in those. Then pick up some JS library you are interested in and just focus on that. You could very easily lose yourself in all this new tooling, so I'd be very strategic about what you learn and how much time you invest.

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  • Tori PughTori Pugh, almost 4 years ago

    This site is helpful for learning javascript and other languages. Scotch.io

    I just started watching this lesson on building a site with Node.js (which utilizes NPM) that might interest you. Build a NodeJS Website

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  • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 4 years ago

    One of the biggest changes to front-end development in my opinion will be web components. Certainly not necessary to know now, but worth investigating and you will have fun.

    I say this because I believe it will change the way we think about structuring our CSS and author HTML in a massive way. You can find out more at http://webcomponents.org/ also https://www.polymer-project.org/ is a good place to start learning.

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  • Nick Bewley, almost 4 years ago

    I wrote some articles on a gulp-based workflow for front-end prototyping, if that helps. Here's one:


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