• Mark O'NeillMark O'Neill, 5 years ago

    The initial view is striking, a good introduction. The texture does make me think my screen is dusty though. I want to scroll from there - there is an arrow as well as a scroll bar, but I have to click which is inconvenient and unintuitive. Also, when I press back from anywhere off this page I have to click again which is irritating.

    The projects on the homepage feel a bit cramped. It may be better to have one project per viewport height and spread the description out a bit. The body font would benefit from some line height and the titles in Futura would probably look better in caps (as elsewhere).

    The about area looks odd with the mix of fonts, sizes and alignment. Justified text looks really strange next to the lovely Futura next to it. The whole area could just do with some breathing space. 'I process' is incorrect - I can see why it is like that but sacrificing the clarity for cohesion is not worth it (to me at least).

    Images on White Road seem to be broken.

    The project layouts are nice with plenty of description, maybe too much. The descriptions themselves could do with more careful copywriting and a significant reduction of buzzwords - MVP, millenials, concept hub aimed at encouraging inbound traffic and social media traction (from one case study alone) etc. Write less but make it smarter. What is a highly functional e-commerce store?

    The dividing lines between the images break up the flow of the page. On some case studies you have text between images which is fine, but when this is not the case it may be better to run all images together without gaps. Try it and see how it looks though - I may be wrong. The 'View Next Project' in Baskerville looks strange as it is the only place it is used as anything but a background feature.

    All in all, it is a good site with just the right amount of quality work. Appearance could be slightly more cohesive and the experience smoother, but I enjoyed looking through your work and had few difficulties or frustrations in doing so.

    Hope this helps. Of course, I mean everything constructively and appreciate the amount of work gone into your site.

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    • , 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

      That's great, thanks Mark! And no need for the end disclaimer, the detailed feedback's much appreciated.

      I've been debating that initial splash screen myself due to the usability issues you mentioned. It's partly a relic from a slightly older version but as you say I like how visually striking it is initially. I actually created another version of the home page without it, which you get when you click on any link back to home, hoping this would get round the annoyance issue. But with the back button being so prevalent in browsing habits it's obviously not working.

      All the visual stuff is great and makes sense, I'll be having a more detailed look at those points this week to work out if/how to address them. Particularly agree with the Baskerville 'View next project' one.

      Hear you on the text descriptions as well. I've put it together very quickly so definitely need to clean up the copy, it's a bit of a brain dump. They were aimed at freelance clients (generally marketers) who from my dealings with them have always loved buzzwords like that and use them heavily in briefs to me, but I agree it could definitely be more tasteful for other audiences.

      Thanks again, really appreciate you taking the time out for that level of detail.

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  • , 5 years ago

    Hi all,

    I've just recently redesigned/developed my portfolio, mainly to encourage freelance clients but also simply to brush up on some coding skills.

    Any critiques would be much appreciated!



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