How do you work with Symbols in Sketch?

4 years ago from , Designer at LoungeBuddy

I've been working with the nested symbols a lot lately, but it presents a minor complication to my workflow. In the past I would duplicate the artboard, and continue working, but with symbols if you edit the symbol, it obviously edits this everywhere (which is not so great when you want to reference old designs). What is your workflow for keeping an archive (design graveyard), while making it easy to quickly move forward with the new design?

I think the easiest solution is to "Detach from Symbol" after duplicating, but I was hoping someone here might have a better workflow for this particular issue.

(P.S. Feel free to share any awesome tips/tricks you have that might be helpful in general.)


  • Nirmal RodrigoNirmal Rodrigo, 4 years ago

    See the section for Nested Overrides, this should help you out.

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    • Jonathan BrodheimJonathan Brodheim, 4 years ago

      Sadly that's part of the problem. When you "Detach from Symbol", the nested overrides don't stick and the symbol reverts to whatever is on the symbol's artboard instead of using the select overrides. Thanks though – I think the solution is (sadly) to duplicate the symbol and make the edits on the new Symbol.

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