• Cory Gibbons, 5 years ago

    I've been working on a series of articles on command line tools that I think may benefit designers. The first post is on managing applications and fonts with Homebrew.

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  • Weston Thayer, 5 years ago

    How do cask packages stay up to date? Like is the actual Sketch team updating the .dmg to version 41, or does some other 3rd party have to remember to do it?

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    • Cory Gibbons, 5 years ago

      Depends on how the Cask is set up. If the Application is downloaded at a version specific link (ie. software.com/download/v10.zip) then it needs to be bumped manually by somebody in the community. If the download link isn't version specific (ie. software.com/download/latest.zip) then it's always pointing to the latest version.

      In Sketch's case it's done manually. However, casks for popular apps are updated soon after a release.

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