Ask DN: How do you network?

over 1 year ago from , Product Designer @ Dribbble / Maker

By the title you can probably guess I'm looking to expand my network but on top of that I'm curious to know how you network? What's your favorite approach? What networks are you attracted to the most and why? Let's hear what you got!

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  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 1 year ago

    Go to things and meet people. Engage with people online. Make real connections. Be a nice, decent person and try to help where you can. Don't force it.

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  • Kieran RheaumeKieran Rheaume, over 1 year ago


    (At least in business school) we're taught that going to events is the be all, end all way to network. In my experience, RL events are like 2% of networking. Everything is through Twitter for me.

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