Why do you hate Scroll hijacking?

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Your thoughts and comments on Scroll Hijacking.

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  • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 3 years ago

    I think there are two main types of scroll hijacking I've seen:

    1. Faster Scrolling

    When a website adds some custom inertia or speed setting to the scrolling, it just makes it difficult to scroll the correct amount. I've already picked my trackpad's scroll speed in my computer's settings, and I've become very accustom to how it works. A custom speed is simply hindering my use of the website.

    2. Section Scrolling

    Some websites that make you scroll by section will constantly skip sections and others move at a snails pace, one section at a time. Classic slow section scrolling experience: You read the content and bare with the section scrolling on the way down, but when you try to quickly scroll back to the top you're met with one slow scrolling animation after another until you've finally climbed your way to the top of the page. Again, this is a hindrance, not an enhancement.

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