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    "How to build your personal brand as a designer"

    1. Be yourself
    2. Do good work
    3. ???
    4. Profit
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    Hey guys, we're putting on a free webinar at 2pm Eastern Time. We will cover how you can put yourself out there and start building your personal brand as a side project. In our case (Hacking UI) – it's what made us eventually leave our day jobs, and we want to teach you from our experience.

    We will discuss the methodology that we developed, “Audience Driven Product Development”, and we’ll provide some helpful tips regarding creating content and finding the actual time to do so. Then in the second part of the webinar (after we get the state of mind right) we will cover some practical techniques and tips for writing your first blog post ( and if you’ve already written articles before - you will have some new tools that will boost your productivity when writing articles on the web).

    If you're wondering if this webinar is for you then:

    If you have a side project going on or want to start one, if you have a blog or a Medium account, or want to start getting yourself out there as a professional but don’t know how to start – this talk will be PERFECT for you.

    By the end of this webinar:

    You will have the exact knowledge and know that state of mind needed to start your own personal brand! You will have the tools and methods to start writing and putting out content and/or work on your side project!

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