HelloDesigner - A Slack Community for Designer

over 3 years ago from , UX Designer @neue.world / Curator @UXHunt.com

So I've been wanting to connect with designers from all around the world with the most cost affective and fast communication method. I wanted to develop a website but it's a lot to do right now with my hectic work schedule. So I thought of the quickest way to set a group up where Designers can contribute, critic, introduce, send designs, connect, meet up, collaborate and even suggest better options for each other's designs.

If you are a graphic designer, ux designer, ux designer, product designer, app designer, web designer, illustrator, vector artist....the list never ends.

Comment with your email and I'll you to the channel. You can start off with an introduction. Meanwhile I'll be adding channels and countries (if required).

Feel free to suggest. PS. I am figuring out how to automate the vetting process of the designer.