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over 4 years ago from , Director of UX / UI

We are currently a group of 15 designers working openly together on community ideas. The active project is Android N icons for the new Pixel. Taking the current designs, and making them better. OR just giving them a new twist of life.

Watch us live: https://www.figma.com/file/gTOLlD1KvmIPV90ES7stZT5z/android-icons

Our next project will be a community voted one, and we are debating an app design. We are working with Atomic to see about getting a Team license to prototype together.

If you are interested in joining ping me on Twitter @briannhinton Note: We are serious about working, and learning. Some members are new to design, and as such need guidance and instruction. If you can't treat others with respect, and aren't serious about design don't join. Bad apples will be removed from the team.

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