• Tobias ReichTobias Reich, 7 years ago

    The gif on their site drives me slightly insane. Looks like a super annoying bug where the user just can't scroll down.


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  • Giovanni HobbinsGiovanni Hobbins, 7 years ago

    Typical DN negativity in this thread. You guys constantly make me feel like designers are a bunch of curmudgeonly cynics.

    The new brand looks fresh and informal - feels similar in tone to the Airbnb redesign. The typography seems to be inspired by the magic marker on your name tag that anyone who's been to meetup is familiar with.

    I think it all fits with Meetup's community-oriented product. It feels a bit cartoonish maybe but I think that's in line with spirit of the product. The bright colors, duotone, and photography help support this look and feel too. It's the most original thing I've ever seen, but it fits the brand like a glove.

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  • Mathieu CMathieu C, 7 years ago

    Duotone pictures remind me Spotify

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  • Pasquale D'SilvaPasquale D'Silva, 7 years ago

    Meatball logo. MEAT UP

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  • Erin GwozdzErin Gwozdz, 7 years ago

    I do appreciate the swarm concept.

    "Each Meetup group is a different swarm, made unique by the people who join it and the interests they share. The new Meetup visual identity is inspired by this concept — a brand built by the crowd. [...] So, coming soon, each Meetup group will have an easy way to pick a symbol, customize it, and make the Meetup swarm their own."

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  • Adam WAdam W, 7 years ago

    well that's... a logo...

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