• Ryan LeFevreRyan LeFevre, 6 years ago

    Nifty little site! If you're looking to make it a little more slick, I would try doing each color change in JS alone and use history.pushState to change the URL. For a cool effect, maybe transition between the two colors since the page isn't refreshing anymore.

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  • John FlynnJohn Flynn, 6 years ago

    I don't find uninteractive random hex generation via URL very handy. If instead of getting a random value when clicking on the text, you allowed me to edit it and show the new value on submit, I'd find it more useful, I think.

    Transitions would be cool. More interactivity (drag to change color - this has been done though) would also be very cool.

    It's very pretty, though!

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  • Ohad RonOhad Ron, 6 years ago

    Maybe we should join hands - http://randomthing.me/ :)

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