Ask DN: How do you take notes?

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I used to be on Evernote, but not a fan of their new plan. Simply put, I'm not paying for a notes app

I've used Simplenote a bit, but I do prefer Folders / Stacks to tags

Currently, I'm on Google Keep as I switched to Android, but the editing conflicts are killing me...

Interested in Dropbox Paper or other alternatives. What's your preference?


  • Jason Giglio, 4 years ago

    Notion, my trusty Pentel Kerry 0.7mm lead pencil and a Quattro grid pad...

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  • Account deleted 4 years ago

    I use Ulysses across platforms. Powerful management and works for notes and longform content. Super app, unfortunately odd iOS icon.

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  • John MauroJohn Mauro, 4 years ago

    iA and simplenote. If I'm writing something longer then that's where iA comes in.

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  • James McGill, 4 years ago

    pencil & paper

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  • Aaron MartinAaron Martin, 4 years ago

    I'm currently loving iA. Cross-platform sync through iCloud or Dropbox. Saves flat text files so you're never going to be stuck with notes in some weird app sync account if you find another alternative. It's also full Markdown, which I love.

    I wish I could use Dropbox Paper, but I just can't seem to take notes in a browser on my laptop. It's strictly a personal thing that I have no real reason for.

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  • Ryan Hicks, 4 years ago

    Google keep, but you're right about the conflicts. It never used to happen to me but as of the past 6 months I'm getting conflicts on everything. So dumb. Something has changed for the worse.

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  • Chad Bercea, 4 years ago

    I'm happy to pay $3.99/mo for Evernote. I also cant imagine taking notes that don't some times involve visuals or audio. The pure volume of notes I capture, and the workflow I've come up with has admittedly locked me into Evernote's ecosystem. The note stacking + tagging + notebook image capture is just tops and I can't imagine anyone has better tools right now.

    The other app I fell in love with was OneNote. That thing is amazing. Ultimately though, I found I was having to do too much manual work, so I went back to Evernote.

    Always remember, if you're not paying for the product, then chances are you ARE the product.

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    • , 4 years ago

      You make a convincing argument. And since Plus will do, it's only $2.91/mo. What's another few bucks in a slew of subscription services to keep my life in order?

      Appreciate the perspective

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  • Dave CDave C, 4 years ago

    I switch from Evernote to Apple Notes App some months ago and everything works fine for me with sync over iCloud.

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    • , 4 years ago

      Merp. I used iCloud until I switched over to the Dark Side thanks to Google Fi. Can't stand the mobile conglomerates...

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