• Alex BaldwinAlex Baldwin, over 2 years ago (edited over 2 years ago )

    Hey Zack, thanks for the kind words about Hack Design. Co-creator of Hack Design and an aspiring photographer here. /r/photography has a fantastic wiki if you have a specific question about photography. There's not any courses that I know of that are a direct comparison but here's the resources I found most helpful when getting started, a la Hack Design's five link format.

    Wirecutter - What Camera Should I Buy? Find the equipment that works for you. The Wirecutter tests a lot of equipment and is IMO is the Consumer Reports of our age. Be realistic about what you're going to use the camera for to get started and find the right one.

    Stanford - Digital Photography assignments Following assignments #1-8 will let you get some experience with your equipment and force you to learn common terminology and concepts in order to complete them. Let the assignments dictate your learning and be sure to experiment on your own.

    Stanford - Digital Photography lectures For a more structured experience, watch Professor Marc Levoy's Stanford lectures in order. Great to turn on in the background and rewatch the most interesting parts over and over again.

    Anthony Morganti - Lightroom 6 / Lightroom CC Training Videos Once you've got some photos, you're next step is to crush post-processing. Let Anthony guide you through the broad strokes of Lightroom, the industry standard photo editing program.

    Exposure - Get feedback on your work Putting together a photo set from an event or a project is a skill in itself. Exposure has a fantastic community of designers and a top-notch publishing platform for amateurs and professionals. Post your assignments, projects, and stories and seek out feedback from other photographers.

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    • Zack Hall, over 2 years ago (edited over 2 years ago )

      This is an amazing list! Thank you for such a thoughtful response and compiling this list, Alex!

      Also, totally agreed on The Wirecutter. I was just signing its praises to my friends yesterday.

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  • Ferdi WielingFerdi Wieling, over 2 years ago

    I used to highly recommend Morguefile Classroom - they had a wonderful website, but have since ported it to Facebook. The UI (and consequential UX) is horrible now, but the content is still very solid. Have a look!

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