Ask DN: How do you set up your small-business clients for a win regarding business cards?

over 4 years ago from , Graphic Designer @ The Neverwoods

I keep running into an issue where I am trying to set up a small business to be able to update business cards I have designed in AI. I don't want to be in a situation where I am having to make a new card every time their staff changes, and want to set them up for a future win where they can make small updates like this internally. Any suggestions?


  • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, over 4 years ago

    i guess you are asking for something that allows them to input the details without needing a designer or design software? i haven't used them for this purpose, but a PDF form could work, have all the logos etc in place, and have editable text frames where the staff details would go. I'm unsure how much control you have over the font for the details once it is editable, but this could be a good way to go...

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  • baked potatobaked potato, over 4 years ago

    There are automated processes you can use with Illustrator for such a thing which you can trigger with a script. There's a window in Illustrator labelled Variables to assist with such a thing.

    Personally in situations like this I just export the artwork into InDesign and allow that to manage the variables instead. It's saved myself a great deal of effort. Changes the entire thing into a two-minute job from opening, apply the variable, export as a production-ready artwork, and bam. Send off to the printer and await for a delivery.

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