• Jibran Kutik, over 7 years ago

    My first blog post. Excited to hear arguments, counter-points, criticism or hate-mail. :D

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    • Jason BlockJason Block, over 7 years ago

      Very well-put post.

      I don't understand why it's a "war" in the first place. There's a time for minimalism, and a time for imitating real-life. Design isn't binary. Both can be done well, and both can be done poorly.

      Trying to argue that there's a universal "correct" choice just makes that person sound elitist.

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    • Sorel ArghireSorel Arghire, over 7 years ago

      You are wrong and more than obviously you suck.

      I'm joking. I agree with you, flat and skeumorphic are just atributes and not purposes of the design and discussing them from the oposite perspective is just silly. But not discussing them at all would be wrong.

      Is like arguing which ingredient is better, salt or sugar. Obviously both serve different purposes and comparing them is stupid, but sometimes is nice to know how does sugar work and when not to use salt.

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