• Tony GinesTony Gines, almost 4 years ago

    It would be great to see an example invoice. I'm less concerned about what the process of creating an invoice is like and more concerned about what my client sees and how I can manage my own brand.

    That said, good work on creating something for free for others to use.

    Also, when do we reach peak Bloomberg brutalist design style? Tell me when it's over.

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago

      Good idea! Yeah I will be adding that soon. And I plan on adding more features that let the user alter it to fit their branding, but I haven't gotten there yet. Thank you!

      And yeah, haha good note. Can't wait to see whats next.

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  • Brian EvansBrian Evans, almost 4 years ago

    You may want to change up the homepage a bit. Right now it kind of reminds me of the Blue Screen of death with the monotype fonts and pure blue background.

    Maybe show a screen shot or graphic of the product as well?

    Also, the text color of links on hover has very low contrast with the background.

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago

      Yeah, Based on other feedback I received I will be changing the font most likely, that update should be pushed today. I really like the blue so I want to try and make it work!

      Also received some other feedback on showing an example, I will have this up soon as well.

      Good note, I will experiment with different :hover colors to get that looking better!


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  • Duncan RussellDuncan Russell, almost 4 years ago

    The tagline is fucking fantastic.

    I think the body typography needs some work though (the "About Invoice Me" column is suuuuper wide). All in all it feels a bit unfinished.

    The lack of affordance in the navigation really threw me off too. Each nav item seemed to behave differently, and I had no idea what happened after I clicked "pricing".

    Hit me up if you've got any questions on the above. All the best mate!

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago

      haha thank you! Yeah, that came from a typeface change I made and I am still cleaning it up. Originally it had that "blue screen of death" look with a monotype font.

      hmmm, good note, I hadn't thought of that. I will want to mess around with it, do you have any recommendations? I don't want a full page for pricing... the point was kind of a joke to just say "ITS FREE" instead of taking them to a pricing page. But I need to add a close button as someone else mentioned. maybe I will make it fade in?


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  • Justin White, almost 4 years ago

    Big fan of the concept; interested to see where this goes. A few quick notes, suggestions on added functionality (for the current form version .. if you switch to a sample invoice they may not apply)...

    1/ required fields: should there at least be a few? or leave it completely on the person filling out the form? (maybe a warning that the user forgot to fill out xyz)

    2/ Sub-item totals: I've been sending a set of sub-items, with their totals, that roll up to the final total. Would be nice to have.

    3/ Currency option: This is probably for way down the road, and kind of a niche case, but for instances where the designer/client are in different countries, an option to display the currency type would be useful.

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago

      Good ideas! 1. I was working on which inputs should be required, and which don't need to be. So I will work on that for sure.

      1. Good idea! I was working on that as well, I need to make those fields dynamic so they show up in the final invoice, I will look into that option.

      2. This is at the top of my list, Shouldn't be too hard to implement so i will work on getting that set up.

      Thanks for the feedback! very helpful!

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  • payzant morrowpayzant morrow, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

    You'll want to escape the inputs to protect against XSS. I know XSS Auditor is protecting a lot of common scripting, but there are ways to bypass it.

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  • Tim Resudek, almost 4 years ago

    I love that is uses PayPal.me for payments. A few simple improvements: 1. Generate the URL as a link, 2. Add the total to the end of the URL string (/1000.00 for a $1000.00 invoice), and 3. Give the PDF a custom filename based on the project, date, whatever so it isn't always saved as document.pdf.

    I also +1'ed the idea of showing a sample.

    You may also want to use a more traditional button to get started (stripes are not buttons usually). And include a close button on the pricing modal... or put that big section right in the page.

    Other than all of that, looks like a fun, simple project you created.

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago
      1. Thank you for reminding me! that was a small over sight on my todo list.
      2. good idea! that won't take long to implement
      3. okay, ill look into that functionality.

      Yeah I have toyed with that idea, It has the appearance of a header so I suppose some people might get confused, Ill look into options to optimize that. Ill look into the close button as well!

      Thanks! your feedback is always appreciated

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  • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, almost 4 years ago

    It seems a bit weird to me that you stress how free it is and how you want it to be free forever, but then call yourself the CEO – a very corporate term. I saw that and started trying to figure out how your business model; none of the possibilities are appealing from a user's standpoint. Maybe try "founder"?

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    • Connor Norvell, almost 4 years ago

      Very good point. I hadn't even really looked at it in that way. I have changed it to founder, I like that much better.

      Thanks for the feedback!

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