• Ryan Cuppernull, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    How does FontExplorer do with a lot of fonts? Like, a lot. haha. I am trying out RightFont, and their speed with lots of fonts is nice. But I do find it lacking in some other key areas...

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    • Nick B., 5 years ago

      FontExplorer is definitely slower to start up than RightFont, but in actual use I haven't noticed a substantial speed difference between the two. Although since I've had trouble getting RightFont to recognise some of the fonts it's probably not a totally equal comparison.

      But that's only when I start my machine, so I'm waiting for email and other apps to open up anyway. I don't consider the extra 10 seconds it takes for FontExplorer to startup to be an issue, since once it's open, it's always open.

      For reference, I have 7,340 font families installed on my machine, and it's a mix of OTF, TTF and older PostScript font files.

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  • Nick B., 5 years ago

    I was very interested in RightFont, since I work in a team and the library sharing features using Dropbox were a very attractive feature. That could potentially solve issues we were having where multiple (slightly different) versions of the same font were floating around. Currently some of us use FontExplorer, but setting up a shared font server with that is much too expensive for us. RightFont looked like it might be a solution.

    Unfortunately we've found that RightFont just flat out refuses to recognise a lot of the fonts that are put in the shared library (usually older ones). While FontExplorer may not offer the sharing features we want at a cost that we can justify, it DOES handle pretty much anything we can throw at it.

    I revisit it every now and then to see what progress has been made, but FontExplorer is still my go-to everyday solution for font management.

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  • Peiran TanPeiran Tan, 5 years ago

    FontExplorer FTW

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