• Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 4 years ago

    Love Hotjar. Totally transformed my approach to client analytics (note: I wasn't paid to say this). If you make web sites for other people, give it a shot.

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  • Nye YarringtonNye Yarrington, 4 years ago

    I see they have support for SPA's in their roadmap, does anyone know how well this will eventually work with ReactJS apps? Any beta test experience you can share?

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  • Brian FryerBrian Fryer, 4 years ago

    Easily the most insightful analytics tool we use. It helps build empathy for your users like none other!

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    • Duncan RussellDuncan Russell, 4 years ago

      Hrm, I'm not sure how empathetic it is to record the screens of individual users without their knowledge or consent.

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  • Taylor Cooney, over 4 years ago

    Cool, I'll ask the devs and CTO if they want to look into this

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