Portfolio building partnership community?

5 years ago from , Senior UX Designer

Any of you guys know of a place that a designer and or developer can visit to sign up and pair up with another designer / dev to create apps / website to help build a portfolio?

I am stuck in a job that I thought I wouldn't be at for very long, and instead of building websites and apps, I'm designing and building digital signage and conference room touch panels, which, aren't bad, but no one gives a shit about a portfolio of signage and touch panels when they want someone with app and web experience.

I know I'm a good designer and I can create great experiences, but I don't have the portfolio to back it up, so I was wondering if there was a place that you can go to, to connect with other people with the same problem to brainstorm, create some apps / websites, and be able to use them in a portfolio. Also to get some experience in how to interact with a designer / developer and create something cool while you're at it.

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