Ask DN: Is Designer News your go-to online community? If so, why?

over 4 years ago from , Designer

Hi, I've tried my fair share of online communities and I was wondering why you all chose here!

What other communities do you frequent? Why do you like it here? What do you think makes it different?

Sorry if this is a repeat post, if there is a post like this I'd love to see what people said!

Thanks :)


  • Luke Fiji, 4 years ago (edited 4 years ago )

    I frequent Designer News, Product Hunt, Reddit (/r/Frontend /r/javascript /r/webdev /r/webdesign), Hashnode as well as Hacker News. I also use the Musli extension and have created a Feedly collection to aggregate many different webdev sites. I don't really have a favorite one in particular but I love to read and keep up with the times even though I don't even touch 95% of the things I read about.

    I have no qualms against, Designer News - I think it's perfect as it is. I'm just waiting for its community to explode :)

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    • Frost Karon, 4 years ago

      Wow, quite the power user! I wonder if other people want it to explode as well, or enjoy the decently small size. Thanks for the reply!

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  • Fariz RizaldyFariz Rizaldy, 4 years ago

    I frequent Graphic Design & Web Master in StackExchange community, before I knew DesignerNews. I think, I will be DesignerNews Addict, because it's simplicity design (interface) & experience.

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