• Dan BurzoDan Burzo, over 5 years ago

    Interesting technique! It's evident OpenType has some powerful applications. (One favorite is https://www.fontfont.com/how-to-use-ff-chartwell )

    In a real-life scenario I would, however, be a bit concerned that you're altering the underlying text into a visual representation that is not portable -- copying the text and pasting it into another context will show the original characters.

    So I would consider doing it the less glamorous well of pre-processing the text and outputting the correct characters in the first place. (Let's not go into how appropriate/ethical is to process the characters in a user's email :P)

    One great use for this technique would be in programmer's font, where you could show nice curly quote, when appropriate, around strings -- and the text underneath would still have the syntactically-correct straight quotes.

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  • Cristian TincuCristian Tincu, over 5 years ago

    You don’t “hack beautiful flourishes into font”.

    You enable and access OpenType features that are already there.

    Holy FSM!

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