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  • Brett JonesBrett Jones, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    This seems like an interesting concept, but at the same time I question some of the ways in which it works.

    Say you're watching Star Trek in VLC and click another app in the taskbar, in the example it scrolls across to bring the new application into focus, and if it's not adjacent to VLC, the video you're watching is scrolled completely offscreen while it presumably continues to play (unless this concept is suggesting a single task at a time approach like Tablet operating systems).

    It feels superior in some ways to the current tablet interfaces like Metro, but with some tradeoffs for full blown multi windowed, multitasking desktop operating systems.

    The beauty of a multi windowed interface is the ability to arrange those windows. That does introduce an additional cognitive load on the user's part to manage additional windows, so perhaps this interface does better cater to certain types of users.

    That said, it's important to consider intent with design. I probably want to float a video in the corner of my desktop while performing other tasks, and when I switch to certain apps like skype, I probably don't want it to center itself on my desktop; I'm probably just switching to a conversation to check something or download an attachment while working in another window.

    So as a desktop user/truck driver, I think some of the rigidness of the window management would get in my way, but at the same time I certainly think it's an interesting concept and does have some neat ideas.

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