• Duncan RussellDuncan Russell, over 4 years ago

    Hey Alex,

    I've not had this problem before (since my eyesight is pretty good when it comes to colour and contrast), but I didn't feel comfortable moving from really high contrast to low contrast text. Additionally, after a few minutes on the site, my eyes felt pretty strained – from a combination of small text sizes and drastically different contrast ratios.

    I just took a minute to pull the contrast ratios for a few examples across the site so you could see the differences – note that the contrast ratios tend to the extremes (i.e. either be very high or very low).

    • Blue on white: 8:6:1
    • Lilac on white: 1:8:1
    • Black on white: 18:6:1
    • Grey on white 2:6:1
    • Light grey on white: 1:8:1
    • White on grey: 1:8:1
    • White on aqua: 1:7:1
    • White on colourshift: ?:?:?

    The last one really messed with my eyes as I caught it on a bad hue.

    I know this being a personal site that accessibility normally isn't a concern, but the low contrast ratios obviously fail the minimum required for accessibility. Many won't care, but I'm a practise what you preach kind of guy :)

    I've also had clients with less than perfect eyesight before, so therefore it's important that my folio is legible for them too.

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    • Alex Pate, 4 years ago

      Woah, firstly, thanks for taking the time to write this up!

      It's a really interesting point. I half agree with your point about it being a personal site, and so letting accessibility standards slip slightly. I kinda see this as somewhere to use things that I wouldn't have the chance to use elsewhere (for example the color hue rotation). However, if it's at the point where you're not feeling comfortable reading the site, then there's definitely an issue!

      From a purely aesthetic point of view, I really wanted to keep it as minimal as possible. Robin below made a similar point though, about the white text on the grey boxes being hard to read. That should be a pretty easy win.

      In terms of the small font size was this a general thing, or certain places in particular?

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  • Alex Pate, over 4 years ago

    Hey DN,

    Have been slowly working on the latest version of my site for the past few months now, and would love to get some feedback on anything and everything.

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    • Jesse ChaseJesse Chase, over 4 years ago (edited over 4 years ago )

      There are some pretty startling similarities between your site and mine. I ask that you take a look at both and ask yourself how original it is. Either way, no hard feelings :)

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      • Alex Pate, 4 years ago

        Your site is super pretty!

        Definitely see what you mean though, especially the main tagline on the site and the vertical text.

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      • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 4 years ago

        I guess I'm not really seeing it? Both look similar to many portfolio sites. Yours stands out because of interesting color and aesthetics, but I wouldn't really suggest a lack of originality or copying when it comes to layout or structure or copy.

        The main similarity is the bluish primary text I guess?

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        • Jesse ChaseJesse Chase, 4 years ago

          Yeah nothing crazy. Just the Vertical GT Pressura, Similar header motion, and color treatments.

          I only bring this up because as an early designer, a design of mine was very similar to a well known portfolio, and I was accused of ripping it off. I had never seen it before, so I of course want to give the benefit of the doubt to others :)

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  • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, over 4 years ago

    Maybe indicate better on the stream what are projects and what are blog posts?

    I can see you're going towards a stylish approach more than an informative one — if you're not actively job hunting I guess it doesn't matter much :)

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    • Alex PateAlex Pate, over 4 years ago

      That's an interesting point. I really wanted to keep the articles and projects together in a single stream. I think I might take a look at some iconography to better mark the distinction between the two.

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  • Account deleted 4 years ago

    All great, but © 2016 Twitter?

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  • Robin BierensRobin Bierens, 4 years ago

    Maybe you can amp up the grey boxes, it's difficult to read with the white text. And add pictures... i'm not going to read everything ;-)

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  • Thompson GeorgeThompson George, over 4 years ago


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