• Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 4 years ago

    Better than Overcast?

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    • Nathan GathrightNathan Gathright, 4 years ago

      Depends on your needs. I like listening from my phone when I'm in my car and from PocketCasts's synced web player from my desktop.

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      • erin e.erin e., 4 years ago

        You can sync from phone > web player with Overcast as well.

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        • Calum SmithCalum Smith, 4 years ago

          I find the Pocket Casts web player much more powerful, though, if more expensive.

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    • Justin WattJustin Watt, 4 years ago

      Personally, I vastly prefer PocketCasts to Overcast.

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    • Marc Edwards, 4 years ago

      I think it’s worth considering Pocket Casts, Castro and Overcast.

      I listen to a lot of podcasts and I exclusively stream (unless I’m going somewhere with no net access). I’ve subscribed to lots of podcasts and I have a filter in Pocket Casts for the shows I don’t want to miss (“New Favourites”) and another for everything else (“New”).

      I treat Pocket Casts a bit like a Twitter feed for podcasts — lots of content coming in, and I can pick and choose which things to listen to at any point. It also means it doesn't use any disk space on my phone.

      For my needs, Pocket Casts is ace.

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  • Brendan Fagan, 4 years ago

    I love this app. Here's hoping Spotify's entry into podcast realm only spurs on more great updates like this one.

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 4 years ago

      Yeah! The dark UI and new player screen are great in Pocket Casts 6. So much to like about this app. Sync with the web version is ace, too.

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