New webdesign tools on the block?

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Hi fellow designers,

Going to update my portfolio website soon. Last time I created one I used a HTML5 "all-purpose" template, which is great but... this time I want to try something different.

What webdesign tools do you guys/girls currently use to design & develop your website? I saw a post about Workflow, is it any good?

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  • A P, 4 years ago (edited 4 years ago )

    Did you mean Webflow where you said Workflow? If so, my experience tells me it's a great tool for those who prefer not to code by hand. I haven't found much I can't do with Webflow, and while it may always be the case that coding by hand is a cleaner, more elegant solution, I don't think it matters THAT much in the end? I've produced tens of website with Webflow that function and convert perfectly, so I have no qualms there

    If you are more interested in learning to code by hand and tailoring your skills there, I'd take a look at something like Tachyons as I personally find frameworks like Bootstrap to be bloated which often results in more time overriding or fixing the native styles there. At this point, I think it's simple enough to create an accordion or slider (or other basic components) that I don't need all the BS that comes with BS

    As Cristian mentioned, Semplice is a fantastic product, from my limited experience with it. I've toyed with a few projects using Semplice, and I'm always happy with it. That said, it's still on Wordpress, and personally, I don't love Wordpress. But I am also not a Wordpress developer (from scratch anyway), so I know when done properly it can be a great tool, I just can't stand the unnecessary amount of crap that comes with it, and the complexities of managing it (local dev, migration, backups, etc) versus a simple static site with all of the other options out there. Of course it's possible, I just find it to be more involved and headache-inducing than other options

    Depending on your expertise, static site generators like Hugo and Jekyll seem to be growing in popularity, and one of our fellow members here recently came out with Forestry, a nice looking CMS for statically generated sites. I haven't given these a shot myself, but it's definitely something I intend to look into soon. Bit of a learning curve from your traditional static site coding, but nothing one can't learn with a bit of coffee and determination

    In the end, I think it depend on your priority for the project. I would look at building your own website as more of a process to learn and/or master a process than simply to get a nice, new site up as quick as possible. If that means focusing more on designs & interactions, that's fine, pursue a tool like Webflow that helps automate all of that. If you're more interested in fine-tuning your coding & development skills, look at some of the more flexible options like a lightweight CSS framework and see what you can do on your own. There are tons of incredible FREE resources out there to give you snippets to work with within whatever CSS framework you decide to use, or not to use (I always find it easier to leverage an existing grid than to create my own), like Codrops, Codepen, Codyhouse, etc

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 4 years ago

    http://semplicelabs.com ?

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