• Zach ReedZach Reed, 5 years ago

    Please don't just assume these all apply to your app/project/etc. Some of them are good observations, but all of them depend on context of your own. All of these things should be tested in your own realm to draw any conclusions that apply to you. I can tell you now that some of these have been proved false via data in things I've work on before. Context and/or data is king with any UX "truth" or "myth". ALWAYS take these articles with a grain of sugar.

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  • Ix TechauIx Techau, 5 years ago

    Cue typical DN crowd with little actual real-world experience to discredit this article after only reading a few select quotes and ignoring the clarifications, despite it hitting the nail on the head of what you learn after 15+ years in the business.

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    • Jason Wishard, 5 years ago

      So much context is not being inferred or referenced with the negative comments in this thread. After 17 years, I concur with a lot of what he (and you above) wrote.

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    Hey, Erhan - looks like your story might be in violation of the DN Guidelines - list-format articles. I encourage you to take a closer look.

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    • Erhan Karadeniz, 5 years ago

      I was not aware of that, but I believe that this might be a list format article, however do not think it's main purpose is for SEO. I might be wrong, than this post can be removed ofcourse.

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  • Jordie SaenzJordie Saenz, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    If nobody reads, then why does my content matter?

    If nobody reads, then why did you write an article?

    If nobody reads, why is most communication today text-based?

    People read. People read documentation. People read help articles. I worked in customer support for over a year before becoming a developer. When we wrote more help articles and more in-app instructional text, support emails went down significantly. I don't think it was a coincidence.

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    • Ix TechauIx Techau, almost 5 years ago

      I think the point made was that very few people read tutorial texts or instructions, which is absolutely true. I don't know how many user tests I've done where the user goes "I don't know what to do now", despite there being tutorial text on the page they're looking at explaining exactly what to do. It happens all the time in gaming as well, which is why game companies starting baking the tutorial into gameplay instead of just telling you how it works.

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