Ask DN: How does Adobe XD stack up against Sketch?

5 years ago from , Design Lead at Vincent

Currently using Sketch, but wanted to look at various design tools. Something that caught my eye is Adobe XD. How does it stack up against Sketch?


  • Brian FryerBrian Fryer, 5 years ago (edited 5 years ago )

    My experience with Sketch has been nothing but difficulties. Perhaps I've been using Adobe software for over a decade and find this new-fangled software to be confusing. Or, perhaps I prefer to get to HTML/CSS/JS as quickly as possible and feel that Sketch is overkill for my workflow.

    Too, the SVG code produced by Sketch is FULL of artifacts. All of the graphics I've encountered with any amount of complexity (e.g. gradients, transparencies, masks) have had to be manually optimized in Illustrator (read: recreated from scratch).

    I <3 Adobe XD, however, and use it every day to create "static prototypes" for our software suite (2 mobile apps, 3 web apps). It's not nearly as feature-rich as Sketch, but the bare bones interface enables me to focus on what's important:

    1. Moving a design from paper prototypes into a shareable format for user testing, and
    2. Helping the engineers understand the desired experience for implementation.

    Plus, all of the familiar Adobe keyboard short-cuts significantly reduce the learning curve for me.

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    • Louis BLouis B, 5 years ago

      This. Alllll o' this.

      Sure there's a few little annoyances with XD, but it's been amazing watching them update as it grows. And the feedback on the product is fantastic, I tweeted yesterday about some minor thing and had one of their product design team converse with me over 5 tweets or so about it.

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    • Ian O'BrienIan O'Brien, 5 years ago

      The SVG export is the single greatest headache with Sketch. Sometimes shapes also become distorted with resizing them, which makes the product unusable for production work a lot of the time.

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  • Yasen DimovYasen Dimov, 5 years ago

    It's a bloody tool... Sketch is good for one type of job, XD for others...

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  • Jaison JustusJaison Justus, 5 years ago

    I recently switched to AdobeXD from sketch and I love it with the current features they have. The reasons I switch to XD are

    • Sketch is too buggy
    • easy wireframing** and quick static prototyping
    • sharing artefacts with the team easily
    • Feels very lightweight
    • Promising roadmap

    ** I use a wireframing kit to get components for wireframing.

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  • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 5 years ago

    From my point of view:

    One runs on my machine, the other doesn't.

    May sound a bit silly, but not all of us want or can use a Mac. So the choice is easy.

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    • Larry IoannidisLarry Ioannidis, 5 years ago

      When did Adobe XD launch a Windows client?

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    • Talin WadsworthTalin Wadsworth, 5 years ago

      The Windows build is coming along nicely! Was just checking out the latest on my Surface here at the office ;D

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      • Caitlin G, 5 years ago

        Where did you get it? Adobe's official XD preview page only lets you sign up for notifications for when the Windows version is available right now.

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        • Talin WadsworthTalin Wadsworth, 5 years ago

          Ha, well, neglected to mention I'm the designer for Adobe XD. The team is working furiously to have a Windows build to join the Mac preview.

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          • Caitlin G, 5 years ago

            Well, that's just cheating. :) I'm really looking forward to the Windows build.

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  • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, 5 years ago

    It's not bad, to be honest. Sparse on features like gradients and simple typography tools (cough underlines cough) but it feels a lot like Sketch. I love that it's snappy and quick to load but don't expect performance to be all that great when dealing with lots of raster assets.

    I haven't made much use of the built-in prototyping feature, though. It's certainly a nice-to-have but not exactly helpful when we have to present things to clients.

    At the moment, it's most ideal for wireframes and lo-fi designs, but I'd love to see where Adobe takes it.

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  • Nathan SimpsonNathan Simpson, 5 years ago

    I'm in the process of testing both. I'm post my thoughts here within a few days, but I'm following this feed.

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