Ask DN: Semantic Colour Naming in Styleguides

over 4 years ago from , Design & Development Lead

Currently working on a new styleguide for an app I'm handing over to developers, and I'm curious what you DN'ers do with colour naming in your styleguides/specs.

example colours For example, having a colour titled 'darkBlueGrey' is, as I understand, worse than having 'cellBorder', because the colour may change and not be darkBlueGrey anymore, it might be darkGreenGrey...?

However, if the 'darkBlueGrey' colour is used for many things (cell borders, cell details, placeholder copy, icon shadows), I can't think of a way of semantically naming those colours to allow for any possible shifts in colour and the avoidance of telling a dev 'For the body copy, use the cellBorder colour' which to me would be even more confusing!

As you can see, I've gotten myself rather confused. Any advice is much appreciated!

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