An Open-Source iOS 10 UI Kit

over 5 years ago from , student

We're super excited about iOS 10— so we started an open-source, collaborative repo for an iOS 10 UI design kit!

You can check it out here— http://puzzles.design

Included is a .sketch file with most of the new UI changes in Apple's iOS 10, such as the new Spotlight Widgets, Control Centre and Notifications. There are also some sketch files of the newly-updated apps that are shipping in iOS 10, like Music, Maps, Messages, and Health.

Everything's on GitHub. The goal is to get designers and developers sharing this as the main iOS 10 UI kit, and have people contribute as iOS 10 changes over time. Let's all join forces and make the iOS 10 kit that we wish Apple released!

So— check out the repo, and share it with friends.