Ask DN: Best photo backup service?

over 7 years ago from , UX Designer/Developer

I know Google Photos is considered to be one of, if not THE best service, but I don't like the idea of them scanning my photos to do who knows what . Flickr still requires you to sign up for Yahoo (lol, wut). Dropbox seems like a good fit, but I don't want my photos on my computer. CloudApp is another option but it seems like they've stagnated on their interface design (yes, I know I'm being nitpicky here but if I have to stare at something, it should look nice).

So, any suggestions?


  • Jesse DobbelaereJesse Dobbelaere, over 7 years ago

    I have to admit i'm using Google Photos for the UI + having my photos accessible on every device. Switched from Flickr to google photos. The search is incredible (like searching for "beer" gives you all your pictures with beers in it), but also a bit creepy.

    I also backup my mac (including pictures) using backblaze.com, but lately I've been wanting to try out hubic.com to backup all my external drives that I rarely access and are gathering dust.

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  • Hank H, over 7 years ago

    I believe with the announcement on WWDC earlier today, iCloud Photo Library becomes the best service for storing your photos. Not to mention how much they value your privacy.

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  • Jeewan RajamaniJeewan Rajamani, over 7 years ago

    To Archive my photos, I use Glacier, to backup, I use my External Hard Disk and Flickr (1TB Free) which is on private mode. I also create a hand-picked selection of photos from a travel, say, I have been to France, shot over 2000 photos, I take out about 300 that I want frequently accessed, which I share on Facebook, Instagram, print them etc. Google is connected in so many places and knows so much already that I never really used their service for photo backup.

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  • Nacho ToledoNacho Toledo, over 7 years ago

    I use Arq backup (50usd) + Amazon Cloud Drive (60usd/yr) and works great. Of course, I also do backups to an external drive.

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    • Matt Sullivan, over 7 years ago


      I'm interested in using Arq. Currently, I'm using CrashPlan to backup everything on my home network including photos. Can you discuss your choice of online backups i.e. Amazon Cloud Drive vs. Glacier? My impression is that Glacier is pretty cost effective as long-term storage.

      Re: photos, In addition to multiple external hard drives, I keep one in a safe deposit box and also use Flickr and find it to be very good. I wish it supported RAW files, however.

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      • Nacho ToledoNacho Toledo, over 7 years ago

        I also thought of Glacier first, being so cheap, but ended up using ACD for a couple of reasons. It was easier to set up (and I was also looking a solution for a non tech-savvy friend) It let me also use it to store/retrieve stuff and see it on an web app, while Glacier is aimed mainly at storing but retrieving not too often.

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  • Garry PGarry P, over 7 years ago

    I use Google Photos and Amazon Cloud Drive (free with Premium account)

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  • Ken Em, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    "but I don't want my photos on my computer"

    I hope that doesn't mean that your photos would ONLY be backed up somewhere online, because that would be unwise. Best to have multiple backups. Storing your photos in only one location, especially a third-party service / website that you don't have control over, is never a good idea.

    Flickr has required a Yahoo ID since around 2007 or so. But you never have to use any of Yahoo's features. The only thing required for a Flickr account is the ID.

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    • ポール ウェッブ, over 7 years ago

      The photos I truly care about are in iCloud...I hear what you're saying though, it's not the best idea to just have everything on someone else's server.

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