• Andrew Richardson, almost 6 years ago

    The implementation of the menu/breadcrumb system is very slick. I like that you can see the pervious pages so it's obvious how to get back to them. It's almost like flipping through a magazine.

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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Love how instead of an entire overhaul they went with an evolution. This version is so much cleaner than the last, but maintains a familiar feel. They got rid of those random lines and icons everywhere, made the site wider, and it's overall more intuitive and easy to navigate. This is definitely the best iteration of the site I've seen (been following a17 for more than a decade).

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  • Darko KrstevskiDarko Krstevski, almost 6 years ago

    sik! sharing those exploration files!

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  • Ken Em, almost 6 years ago


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