Ask DN: Best vertical monitor alongside an iMac 27"?

almost 4 years ago from , Product Designer @ Dribbble / Maker

I'm looking for a vertical monitor to pair with my iMac. I had another thunderbolt display but it took way too much real estate on my desk.

Any designers/coders have a preference or recommendation?


  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, almost 4 years ago

    I just bought this http://amzn.to/24oZHx4 and I don't understand why people are still getting the Cinema Display.

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  • Kuanysh BayandinovKuanysh Bayandinov, almost 4 years ago

    @Andy, I’d grab the P2415Q as it’s quite affordable and of good quality. Putting it in vertical position alongside 5k should be good enough to separate CLI and browser window.

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  • Matt WrightMatt Wright, almost 4 years ago

    Not sure of the practicality and I don't have experience with it, but I stumbled across this the other day: http://www.duetdisplay.com/

    Grab an iPad Pro, a mount or stand, and that could potentially be one heck of a workstation.

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    • Kuanysh BayandinovKuanysh Bayandinov, almost 4 years ago (edited almost 4 years ago )

      Used it along the iPad Pro. It’s not worth it. Don’t expect native resolution.

      EDIT: However, to make it clear, I’ve grabbed the device just for that set up. If you already own the device, grab the app, it’s quite alright. If you aim to purchase iPad just to use it with Duet, better check someone’s installation first. Your mileage may vary though, as for me it was important to have non-static content there.

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  • Mike AbbotMike Abbot, almost 4 years ago

    Can't go wrong with Dell UltraSharp series. Best price/performance displays for sure.

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