Ask DN: How do you animate your SVG?

almost 7 years ago from , Web Designer at Evolution Internet

Looking at the response that waaark.com has made being at the front of the homepage for a day and a bit i was wondering if any one had created a site on similar way?

I can see they used canvas, but as all their js has been minified it is difficult to see what/if any library has been utilised.

The JS libraries that i know of are:

  • svgjs.com(last updated May 2016)
  • snapsvg.io (last updated October 2015)
  • bonsaijs.org (last updated June 2014)

What took me by suprise is how little some of these libs have been updated, considering how fast svg and the web is moving.

Do you have any recommendations or workflows as i'm looking to dedicate some time to learning full frame animation with SVG. I would like to learn something that is being updated regularly.