Any questions for a panel of Google design leaders? (in 5 hours)

4 years ago from , Design Advocate at Google

Hey DN! Late notice, but I'm moderating a panel of design leaders from across Google today at Google I/O (https://goo.gl/6R52ve). We have designers from Material, Search, YouTube, our internal brand studio, and internal/corp products. I'm looking for interesting questions from designers... Have anything you want me to ask?

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  • Tyson KingsburyTyson Kingsbury, 4 years ago

    absolutely loving material design...

    question 1) would it be possible to generate material design assets for the print world? ie) book covers, presentations, etc... we find that the 'look' of material really works well for what we do...but would like to extend it past just the online stuff...

    question 2) there seems to be a lot of new design apps coming out of google these days... just wondering what the road map there looks like..what other kinds of design materials or apps can we look forward to?

    question 3) how do folks at google see material evolving over the next few years?

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