Discuss DN: How will bot evolution change the interface on web and mobile apps?

over 4 years ago from , Maker & founder of Visual Inspector @CanvasFlip Inc

With the recent launch of Facebook messenger BOT and Google Allo, I'm curious how is future shaping up and what kind of impact would it have on the user interfaces.

I think designing intuitive and minimal cards will be the next cool thing.

Would love to hear views what you guys think?


  • Olia Gozha, over 4 years ago

    It is definitely a massive shift in technology and as well. And you are probably right on this — designing intuitive and minimal cards will be the next cool thing. It's gonna be fun to create them. New challenges always promise new opportunities.

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    • Vipul. Mishra, over 4 years ago

      New challenges DO bring new opportunities. Remember when shift happened from desktop screens to mobile screens. It was awesome to see even more minimalistic and creative options.

      This will make thing even more simple and minimal. Lesser cognitive efforts will be required from user.

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      • Inspired MobileInspired Mobile, over 4 years ago

        It's so nice to see someone address this shift!

        I work in the mobile space at a company called Inspired Mobile, feel free to check out inspired-mobile.com, and did you know that 61% of consumers will actually turn away from sites which aren't mobile optimized and furthermore Google will drop your search ranking!

        I'm certainly excited by bot opportunities and encourage everyone to complete the research study I've posted here. Cheers!

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  • Inspired MobileInspired Mobile, over 4 years ago

    What a great topic to bring up!

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    We’re conducting a little study on chat bots ourselves and we welcome your input and naturally will send you the results! Study here: http://insprep.s3.amazonaws.com/Rsrch/11/699/Research699.html?CampaignID=6483&ResearchID=699

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