Show DN: react-boilerplate v3, a highly scalable, offline-first foundation for your next React.js app

over 5 years ago from , Open Source Developer Advocate

We've been working on this complete rework of react-boilerplate for several months. Based on the combined experiences of hundreds of developers and tons of projects we've created the strongest foundation to build your next React.js application with!


The biggest changes are:

  • Revamped architecture: Following a bunch of incredible discussions (thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts!), we now have a weapons-grade, domain-driven application architecture.

  • Scaffolding: Generate components, routes and more parts of your application directly from the command line, skipping all the boilerplate writing!

  • Performance: We've got the best code splitting setup currently possible, giving you the leanest, meanest payload. (The fastest code is the one you don't load!)

  • JS utilities: We now include redux-saga, ImmutableJS, reselect and react-router-redux to make sure your application scales to the size it needs.

  • CSS improvements: We use CSS modules for truly modular and reusable styles, code split your styling based on the page the user is on and make sure your code style is in order automatically!

I believe this is by far the best boilerplate available, both for starting your next project and for simply getting inspired by what's currently possible.

Let me know what you think everybody, I'm beyond excited to finally share this with the world!