Ask DN: Are you utilising any version control system with Sketch?

almost 3 years ago from , UI+UX Designer at Moltin

Version control in my Sketch files has been a issue I haven't found an effective solution for in recent months.

I like to go back and see how my work has evolved. To see again the decisions I've made to help me to better understand, and also re-enforce those decisions to myself, clients and colleagues.

With Library having just been released by Invision it seems like we're moving towards a time where we always throwing out our old designs and constantly iterating on what we have.

I thought it would be worth hearing what you all think on the subject. Is version control in our design needed anymore? How do you managing your design files. Do you save out old versions, or organise your documents to account for multiple versions.

I'd love to know :)


  • Kaan Eryilmaz, almost 3 years ago

    If it's not a big project every week I start a new page just copy paste and continue on page2. I guess it depends on how you use the pages.

    If it's a large project then this gets a bit tricky. Unless there is a major change it gets lost but when we decide to change icons or something major there are two ways to go. A new Sketch file or copy/paste artboards and have a timeline as you scroll within the page.

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    • Ollie Barker, almost 3 years ago

      It's large projects I'm having issues with. I found new pages for each version can become overwhelming very quickly and really slow down Sketch. I've found duplicating the Sketch file for a new major version seems like the best way forward but still feels a bit annoying.

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