• Paweł Hawrylak, over 5 years ago

    An opinion of mine on the new social media app by Casey Neistat and friends

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  • Shaun Smylski, over 5 years ago

    This is a lot like how when people hear themselves for the first time through a recording and say, "is that how I sound?" Yes, that's how you sound to everyone! On Beme, that's how you look! you have pimples and the lighting is bad. Welcome to how everyone sees you. People outside of your body know that, but the person making the post is always the only one who doesn't seem to get it.

    If I could describe beme, it's like being in the same room as the Bemer, where you gauge the person from a candid perspective. This is more intimate. The viewer stops doubting the authenticity, and is allowed to believe in the content. Unlike the more~ artificial POV instagram has created.

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  • Mark Shiel, over 5 years ago

    I really hope Beme does well, even if they have to pivot a little bit because I love Casey.

    I love watching his Vlogs, I love his thought process, his positivity and work ethics.

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