Ask DN: How do you ship the last 20 percent of clients’ website?

over 5 years ago from , Founder, Designer @ Marker.io

Hey DN,

As a designer within a marketing agency I was wondering how you were shipping the last percents of client websites? You know, when the front-end dev thinks he’s done with the dev but you still discover a lot of glitches and need to fix them. How do you do?

We tried:

  1. fixing them yourself because you know how to code and you think it’ll be faster
  2. sitting for 1h passing by all these glitches with the front dev
  3. sending him a lot of screenshots in slack with an explanation for each one

After trying these three ways of working with Chris, our front-end dev, we now use Getmarker.io. It’s an app that lets you send annotated screenshots of theses glitches directly in our Trello. It can also send the screenshot in other project management tool like slack, github, jira,… It improved a lot the communication with my teammates and now shipping the last 20% percent of our websites has never been so smooth.

I was wondering how you do it? What’s your process?