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  • Mike Wilson, almost 5 years ago (edited almost 5 years ago )

    I hate this buzzword-spewing bullshit factory that our industry has become. Alphabet Soup. To pretend like any of the terms listed in this article have any "agreed-upon" definition right now is a huge joke.

    UI design: Functionality requirements gathering, User and task analysis, Graphical user interface design, Visual design

    Functionality requirements gathering? What?? Isn't that the first task of any job...including Garbage Man?

    User and task analysis? How is this different from user research and personas/journeys?

    How is graphical user interface design different from visual design?

    UX design: User research, gathering statistics, interviewing and conducting surveys, Creating personas, user scenarios and mental models, Product design, Visual design, Interaction design, Information architecture and content strategy, Usability and accessibility studies, Rapid prototyping, Product testing and analysis

    So UX design also includes visual design, why include UI design as a separate discipline at all?

    And product design is a somehow a discipline separate from visual/interaction/UI/IA/etc?

    So if UX includes IA and content strategy, why are these separate jobs in most organizations?

    How is product testing different from usability testing in the context of a UX designer?

    Apparently this article wants UX design to be the new all-encompassing job title that product design was supposed to be.

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