Ask DN: Does your work suffer because your clients have trouble with creating website content?

almost 5 years ago from , B2B Lead Generation & Website Improvement Specialist. Co-Founder of Logit.hr Digital Marketing Consultancy.

I'm researching whether website designers deal with the following issues:

  1. clients can't create and deliver website content on time, which leads to
  2. delays in launching your clients' websites, which leads to
  3. your inability to get paid on time for the website project and
  4. your website projects piling up, dragging on for months, even years, and similar.

I wonder, do you guys experience similar problems?

If yes, how do the problems affect your business, exactly?

And how are you dealing with it?

Do you perhaps offer any kind of solution to content creation problems and if yes, what is it (a service, a product...)?

Thanks for your replies.