ProtoSketch Design 1.1 released (iPad)

almost 6 years ago from , Product Designer at Ora.pm

I am very happy to announce to DN that ProtoSketch 1.1 - the vector design tool for iPad was released and it has some amazing new features.


Vector Brush


Using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil with ProtoSketch have been the focus of our new release.

New Layers Sidebar


Swipe from the left to open the sidebar. We repositioned the layers and there is a new view as well – exact size and position.

Exact size and position input

Exact Size

Each object precisely at the position and size you want. Select 1 or multiple objects and set their exact size and position. Do so by tapping on the + and – buttons or on the label itself if you want to input it with your keyboard.

Thanks for reading! More about the app here:

App Video Preview (youtube)


App Store


  • Greg BowenGreg Bowen, almost 6 years ago

    This looks interesting. Do you have a release date for the vector brush? Also, is the line weight controlled by pen pressure or speed?

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    • Vasil Enchev, almost 6 years ago

      It's availalbe now, we just haven't had the change to update our site yet. The brush is controlled by pressure and tilt when using Apple Pencil and by speed when using your finger.

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  • Liam FLiam F, almost 6 years ago

    Hey can't wait to try the update out. Glad a sidebar is being introduced. I do have a quick question regarding the layers sidebar, are layers dropdowns at all? Like being able to see what is inside a group?

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    • Vasil Enchev, almost 6 years ago

      Hey Liam,

      Currently no, they arent't but this is a high priority task in our to-do list and it should be available in one of our next updates.

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  • Petr VlkPetr Vlk, almost 6 years ago

    any chance for multiple artboards in single document in future?

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