I'm creating a billion dollar notepad

over 7 years ago from , Senior Product Designer ( UX/UI )

I’m creating a Billion Dollar Notepad.

The idea for the Billion Dollar Notepad was influenced by James Altucher. James often writes about his practice of writing 10 ideas a day. I think it’s a great practice. So I’m creating a unique notepad that is made for this very practice. The notepad will feature 1000 spaces to write 1000 ideas. If you write 10 ideas each day for 100 days, one of your ideas could be worth 1 billion dollars.

As well as having 1000 ideas at your disposal, the practice of writing 10 ideas a day has many benefits. It keeps your mind sharp, active and agile. Try it and see. When you do it, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved something meaningful every day. I usually write my ten ideas at breakfast. One of your ideas could be your ticket out of that crappy job you hate.

Why a paper notepad? A notepad is the original distraction-free device, I thought about an app, a website or some other tech-based approach, but you know what — a notepad is incredibly great at keeping you focused. No notifications, no batteries, always on and easy to use.

Another reason is that a notepad is private. It’s not online. Studies have shown that people are more likely to write better ideas on their own. Jotting random thoughts onto a pad had no barrier. No filter. Studies have shown that open forum brainstorms always yield less, far safer ideas as people are afraid to express random thoughts as they don’t want to look stupid.

What will it look like? I’ve been road testing a few different notepads over the last couple of weeks. And I’m still experimenting. I’m narrowing it down to a soft cover, A5 pad with lined pages, a bookmark strap and around 5 idea spaces per page. Coming from an advertising background one of the techniques I use is the ‘box method’. The box method sets up a page with subtle boxes for you to write your ideas in. It encourages you to quickly fill up all of the boxes, therefore writing more ideas per page. This is something I will be incorporating into the notepad.

Why would you want one? Working out the mind is like any other type of working out. When you go to the gym you have special training gear right? So I’m creating a purpose built notepad that will turn you into an idea machine. The notepad will encourage you to stretch your mind and go that extra mile. Write that extra idea. In the process, your creative muscle will become strong and more productive.

But ideas are worthless, right? Are they? Everything great I have ever done starts with a thought, an idea. The very practice of writing ideas will get you closer to your goals then not writing ideas. Who is better off, the person who has a bunch of ideas or the person who has none? Not every idea you write will be brilliant. But write enough of them and you will have some ideas worth taking to that next step.

Who is the notepad for? Everyone. You could be a marketer, a startup guy, a designer, an advertising creative a coder or a writer. Ideas are for everyone. Everyone should be encouraged to write ideas.

I will be building prototypes and working with suppliers in the coming weeks and will be making the notepads available for purchase online within the next month. Are you interested in owning a Billion Dollar Notepad? let me know by sign up here at http://BillionDollarNotepad.com

Craig Barber. Keepin’ the dream alive.