Sync login info across platforms?

4 years ago from , Designer

Is there a way to sync all personal login details such as password, username, email, etc. from any website and social networks across all platforms? Like Google Chrome does with passwords or Keychain for Mac.

For example: I have to change my personal address or email, so I have to login into each website/service (Twitter, Facebook, Playstation Network, Paypal, ...). That's really time consuming and annoying. Is there any way to do that differently? Is that even technically possible/secure?

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  • Johan Westling, 4 years ago

    Don't know of any way to have them sync automatically, but I use a password database. F-secure Key got a input method for passwords or a icon to choose passwords from dropdown in desktop, cost like 25€ yearly. Also using Spideroak Encryptr, pretty good also but no input methods in web form fields.

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