• Alexej D,Alexej D,, over 7 years ago

    Just a quick catch: Below the download and buy buttons is a line showing me a serif typeface "1Password remembers all your passwords for you." – I believe it should be Proxima Nova reading the CSS

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  • Tom Martin, 5 years ago

    The design of the site is very simple, to cause the trust of the user. If you use a simple design, you can use the simplest security systems. I do not want to lose all accesses using your application. This is my opinion, sorry

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  • Ron Burgandy, over 7 years ago

    My biggest concern with a website like this one is security, as I'm sure many would agree when looking at any kind of master password app. That being said, some of the images on the website made me feel less secure - particularly the cartoonish icons and the graphics on "Security" page. Maybe I'm more paranoid than others, but I'd probably have a more secure feeling if the page looked more "corporate". I understand that may alienate some users and not look as user friendly but there must be a balance in-between somewhere.

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