ASK DN: How do you manage and acquire Sketch plugins?

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I recently released Sketchpacks.com and would love to know how this project can become more useful for the Sketch Community. (Read more about Sketchpacks)

My hope is that Sketchpacks can eventually provide a public API that can be serve as a data source for projects like Sketch Toolbox.

A recent conversation was sparked in this recent Github Issue about a possible CLI that can be created to help create, manage, discover and acquire Sketch plugins through Sketchpacks.

What we would love to know is what is YOUR preferred workflow/process of creating, managing, discover or acquiring Sketch plugins?


  • Stephen Cindoyan, over 4 years ago

    I use Sketch Toolbox to find and install, and try and keep up with Sketch news and forums, sometimes by just doing google searches to discover new ones.

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    • Adam Kirkwood, over 4 years ago

      How do you determine which plugins you're going to download? Are there specific gaps in your design process that you hope to have these plugins solve?

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      • Stephen Cindoyan, over 4 years ago

        My needs might change on a daily basis, so it'd be hard to know exactly the plugin needed at the moment it's needed, so I just try and read various sites, including this one, blog posts, Sketch forums, to try and discover new plugins, maybe download them right away, and see if I can remember to use them when the time comes. The ideal way, that no one has invented, would be you launch Sketch, a message pops up that says, would you like to see the plugins invented this week? You click yes, then it plays you a video compilation of all the plugins in action, at the end of each segment in the video, a button says, click here to install. Then you don't have to do any research on your own.

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