Ask DN: Suggested reading for designers

over 4 years ago from , Designer @ MojoTech

Hello DN,

I am trying to start up a small after work book club/critique/discussion thing for the designers in my agency. It is basically my idea to get the more junior designers into thinking deeper about design to help them progress quicker. I think this would also help more senior members stay current and motivated.

So far, I have a loose outline of what I'd like these meetings to consist of. first, look over and critique a certain website or product that we think we can learn from, this is more than anything meant to start a discussion. Then discuss and dissect some reading centered around design. But I'm having trouble finding something thats light enough thats not a chore and that will be ultimately useful and worthwhile.

So, I'd like to hear what you guys think would be a good book to read for this purpose? I have considered a few books from the UXpin free resources, but I'm hoping to get more ideas.